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You Know How to Love Me by Phyllis Hyman


Measure for measure
Your love's so much pleasure
Like a haunting melody
You came inside and captured me

And I'm so happy
You're the riddle of my rhyme
You and I together
We'll stand the test of time

You know how to love me (Sure you do)
You know to make it right (So nice)
You know how to love me (There's no denyin')
Sweet as the morning light

Sooner or later
I knew you'd c[...]

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The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman (Remastered)

Radios that played “You Know How to Love Me”

181.FM - Studio 181


Last played: Booker Newberry III - Love Town

70s 80s Dance Disco

Waynesboro, VA, United States



Last played: Maxwell - Bad Habits (Uncut)

Alternative Classic Rock Oldies Pop

East Orange, NJ, United States

Energy FM Channel 3 (Old School Classics)


Last played: Lionel Richie - Running With The Night

80s Disco Techno Trance

London, United Kingdom

Classic Funk


Last played: JERRY KNIGHT - Overnight Sensation

Funk RnB

United Kingdom