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OH MY GIRL - LIAR LIAR (Chinese Ver.)

0 minutes ago.

Raymond Lam - Ji Mo Xing Qiu

5 minutes ago.

Selina - Big Girl

8 minutes ago.

Andy Lau - Ru Guo You Yi Tian (If One Day)

12 minutes ago.

Linda - Don't Love Me

16 minutes ago.

Jason Zhang - Ni He Wo (You And Me)

20 minutes ago.

Show Luo - Shei

25 minutes ago.

Faye Wong - Ni Xi Huan Bu Ru Wo Xi Huan (You Like It Not, I Like)

29 minutes ago.

Elva Hsiao - Wo Xi Huan Ni Kuai Le

33 minutes ago.

Li Yi Jin - Flip The Bad Future

37 minutes ago.