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This manual states policy for governing CJSR as set forth by the First Alberta Campus Radio Association (FACRA). It may not include revisions passed after ... See more the last printing as dated below; these revisions, however, are still in effect. ©2002 First Alberta Campus Radio Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the First Alberta Campus Radio Association. Neither CJSR nor FACRA is engaged in rendering legal, accounting, assessing, or other professional advice. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be obtained. Any person utilizing any of the analysis in this Manual should satisfy themselves that the analysis is applicable to their particular circumstances, and is consistent with current legislation and case law. Users of this Manual are reminded that legislation, government policy, and the contents of this Guide, may change from time to time, and that they should ensure that any information they are relying on is current. 1: POLICY 1-001 Definitions and Conventions Revised: October 5, 2002 I Definitions The policies enacted by the Station as defined under the terms of enactment and listed in this Policy Manual are the rules governing the conduct within and the operation of CJSR. All Staff (persons employed or otherwise involved with the Station) are expected to be aware of and to act in accordance with Station policies, and failure to adhere to Station policy shall result in discipline and/or dismissal per these policies. The purpose of the CJSR Policy Manual is to provide a listing of policies in effect at the Station. All existing policies are open to revision or deletion and new policies can be enacted as outlined in Enactment of Policy. Any individual with a grievance or suggested change in existing policy should follow the Grievance Procedure as outlined in this document. Whenever applicable, the CJSR Promise of Performance (POP) is to provide the basis for the development of Station policy; whenever changes in policies are evoked, those individuals involved in the decision are to follow the guidelines of the POP, and should be aware of existing policies as listed in this Policy Manual. II Conventions A. Policies All policies shall have a common name and be assigned a unique policy number. The date of enactment plus the dates of any amendments/revisions to each policy shall be included.· Policy numbers shall consist of a category number followed by a three digit number. The category numbers are as follows: Policy Functioning of Society Personnel Finances On-Air Library General Conduct Problem Resolution B. Titles The formal titles referred to in policy shall be understood as follows: Employees: paid individuals at CJSR (Station) Executive: the following six Employees: the Programming, Sales/Marketing, Production and Administrative Managers, and the Music and News Directors. Volunteers: unpaid individuals involved with CJSR, who have completed and signed the Volunteer Contract Directors: Volunteers who sit on the FACRA Board of Directors. Staff: Employees (hence including Executive), AND Volunteers (hence including Directors) 1-002 Enactment of Policy Revised: September 29, 2002 I Posting of Changes All new policies are to be posted for a one month period on the Station bulletin board and unless contested are to be entered immediately thereafter into this Policy Manual. II Evocation of Changes Two mechanisms exist for the creation and enactment of new policy, and! or the elimination or modification of existing policy: Station Executive can evoke policy changes at their discretion provided that the proposed changes fall under the jurisdiction of the Executive as defined by their job description. The FACRA Board of Directors shall be advised of all policy changes made by Station Executive such that the changes are identified at the subsequent FACRA meeting and therefore appear in FACRA minutes. The FACRA Board of Directors can pass changes in policy or enact new policy under the rules governing this body, in particular the Hands-Off Policy. Any policy motion passed by the Board of Directors becomes Station policy thirty days from the posting of the proposed policy change on the Station bulletin board. 1-003 Grievance Procedure Revised: September 29, 2002 The Grievance Procedure is designed to provide a mechanism for submission of perceived legitimate complaints or suggestions for policy change. Any CJSR Employee or Volunteer, or organization within the Station, wishing to register a recognized grievance with existing policy must proceed as follows: A Volunteer or organization within the Station shall notify in writing the appropriate Station Executive of the grievance, per the Employee job description. An Executive shall notify in writing the appropriate other Executive of the grievance, should it fall under the latter's jurisdiction per the Employee job description. If an Executive is not satisfied with the action (or lack of action) of another Executive, then slbe shall notify in writing the FACRA Board of Directors of the grievance and previous effort to resolve the grievance. The Board of Directors shall rule on the grievance in consultation with the appropriate Station Executive and when appropriate shall enact policy changes in response to the grievance. The decisions of Board of Directors are final, pending appeal by party(ies) involved. 2: FUNCTIONING OF SOCIETY 2-001 Overview Revised: September 29,2002 I CJSR is owned and operated by FACRA, which is run by a ten member Board of Directors. The structure of the Board, qualification for Board membership, voting procedures, and rules governing the operation of the Board are defined in the FACRA Bylaws. II The Station is operated on a day-to-day basis by a paid Executive consisting of an Administrative Manager, a Programming Manager, a Production Manager, a Sales/Marketing Manager, a News/Public Affairs Director, a Music Director/Librarian, an Engineer, and a Receptionist. Due to the changing needs of the Station some of these positions may not be filled at all times or may be part-time. Station staffing at any particular time will be dictated by the Station's needs and available resources, and shall be set by the decision of the FACRA Board of Directors in consultation with the Station Executive. Job descriptions for Employee positions are listed in the Human Resources Manual and are considered Station policy. Any changes in staffing or job descriptions are changes in Station policy and are to be treated as such. 2-002 Station Information Packages Revised: September 29, 2002 Each Executive and FACRA Director shall be issued, at the beginning of their term, a binder containing the following documents: A list of the phone numbers of all current FACRA Directors The FACRA Human Resources Manual The FACRA Policy Manual The FACRA Bylaws The CJSR Programmer's Guide A summary of the CJSR Promise of Performance (POP) Each recipient shall pay a deposit of $10 to be held in escrow by the Administrative Manager. This deposit shall be returned upon return of the package at the end of the Executive's or Director's term of office. All recipients of this binder shall be expected to have a good working knowledge of the included documents. A FACRA Director shall be responsible for administering and updating these documents. 2-003 Hands-Off Policy Enacted: January 15,1984 Amended: October 5, 2002 I Restrictions The FACRA Board of Directors shall not concern itself with any matter falling under the job description of any member of the Executive. II Authority The FACRA Board of Directors has the authority to rescind or alter this Hands-Off Policy at any time. 2-004 Executive Compliance With Board Motions Enacted: January 15, 1984 Should a member of the Station Executive fail to comply with a resolution of the FACRA Board of Directors, then this failure shall be interpreted as his/her resignation. 2-005 Attendance Of Directors At Board Meetings Enacted: January 6, 1986 Any FACRA Director who misses more than three consecutive Board meetings shall be replaced. 2-006 Smoking At Board Meetings There shall be no smoking at FACRA Board of Directors meetings. 2-007 Annual General Meetings Enacted: November, 2000 Revised: September 29, 2002 A Order and Protocol I The order and protocol for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be (but not limited to) as follows: Reading of the minutes of previous year's AGM. Approval of this year's AGM agenda. Presentation of the annual report from the FACRA President, plus the Administrative Manager's Financial Reports of the previous and current years. Any Bylaw revisions shall be voted on and approved/struck down. A spiel describing what FACRA does is optional but highly encouraged. Elections for all FACRA Board positions shall be voted on by all (and only) present Society Members. A single majority vote shall be the deciding factor. The process of this vote (e.g. show of hands, or secret ballot) shall be at the discretion of the AGM Chairperson. Optional: a motivational speaker may give a speech and award the Volunteer of the Year (also optional). B Board of Directors Annual Report Enacted: October 17, 1984 The FACRA Board of Directors shall present at each Annual General Meeting a written report describing the events of the previous year, including a description of the Station's financial situation, as well as a “State of the Station” report concerning the goals of the past year, and future goals. 2-008 Society Membership Enacted: August 14,1986 Revised: September 29, 2002 I The annual fee for Membership with the Society shall be $10 for students and low-income persons, and $20 for all other individuals. This amount may be paid in and of itself, or as part of a greater monetary donation. A paid membership shall include a Friends of CJSR card. II Collection of Membership fees may be done by any Director or Staff member, who can also issue new/renewed Membership cards. Collected fees are to be forwarded to the Treasurer as soon as possible, with the necessary information to update the Membership registry. III The Friends of CJSR discount card program shall be available to any person. The annual fee for this discount card shall be $10 for students and low-income persons, and $20 for all other persons. This amount may be paid in and of itself, or as part of a greater monetary donation. IV Collection of discount card fees may be done by any Director or Staff member, who can also issue new/renewed discount cards. Collected fees are to be forwarded to the Treasurer as soon as possible. V All CJSR Staff must, within 30 days of beginning involvement with CJSR, either- become Members of the Society per the FACRA Bylaws, or hold a valid Friends of CJSR card. VI Students who demonstrate that they cannot afford the membership fee will be waived of their financial obligations at the discretion of a department manager in lieu of four hours' work. VII Unemployed Volunteers may have one half(l/2) of their membership fees waived in lieu of four hours' work. 2-009 Collection Of Personal Information Enacted: July 11, 2002 I No member of the FACRA Board of Directors may collect personal information about Members of said Association and its Society, nor any CJSR Staff, until authorized by a motion passed by the Board of Directors. 3: PERSONNEL 3-001 Statement Of Employment Opportunity Enacted: September 25,1985 I CJSR is an equal opportunity employer. 3-002 Hiring Of On-Air Volunteers Enacted: April 21, 1984 I The Programming Manager, responsible for the execution, style and content of all musical programming, is therefore responsible for the hiring and firing of all on-air Volunteers. 3-003 Managers Reports Enacted: August 3,1985 Amended: March 28,1990 I Presentation The Managers' reports are integral parts of their job descriptions, and are considered to be an absolute priority of said jobs. These reports must be typed and laid out in a formal business manner. II Report Rejection It is expected that reports are filed to offer information. In the event that a report submitted to the FACRA Board contains allegations of an inflammatory nature about other persons or organizations, the board may choose to not accept the report to safeguard the well-being of the Station. III Monthly Reports A. Administrative Manager's Report A monthly detailed profit and loss statement. 1. Business from the previous FACRA meeting: a. Completed (provide details) b. Outstanding (provide details) 2. Details of staff holidays. 3. Minutes of weekly Executive meetings. 4. Details of contra deals initiated or completed by the sales manager. 5. Details of any grants or donation received. 6. Capital expenditure proposals to the FACRA Board of Directors. B. Programming Manager's Report 2. Business from previous FACRA meeting: a. Completed (provide details) b. Outstanding (provide details) 3. Update on activities of Program Evaluation Committee. 4. Update on volunteer recruitment activities. 5. Update on any new programming concerns. 6. Bingo absentees: a. names of absentees b. reasons for absence c. disciplinary measures taken (if any) IV Annual Reports The Administrative and Programming Managers will each submit an annual report to the FACRA Board of Directors during the second-last week of April of each year. Each report will be a complete evaluation of Station activities during the previous year and a projection of activities to take place in the approaching year. Short- and long-range goals, evaluation of departments, and self-evaluation shall be important parts of these reports. Copies will be made available to all Directors of FACRA and of the Student's Union, University of Alberta. A meeting to take place in May of each year is suggested where any Staff member may attend to comment on a report after reading a posted copy. 3-004 Reviews Of Job Performance Enacted: January 27, 1986 Revised: September 29, 2002 I The probationary period for new Employees shall be six months. The Employee's performance shall be reviewed with reference to the job description three months and six months from the date of hire, and from that day forward will be reviewed at the end of each six month period. II The review shall be conducted by the FACRA Board of Directors or its designate. 3-005 Staff Assistance With Fund Raising Activities Enacted: March 31,1986 Amended: December 3, 1986 I All CJSR Volunteers have an obligation to participate in regularly scheduled fund raising activities, for a minimum of two events per annum. Fund raising activities are administered by FACRA or its designate. II Persons registered as Station Volunteers have three options in this regard: To discharge their obligation by participating in at least two fund raising activities each year. To be responsible for the replacement, and subsequent appearance, of their replacement for at least two designated fund raising events each year. To donate $50.00 to the Society in lieu of their participation in a regularly scheduled fund raising activity. This donation is payable to a maximum of two times per annum, and does not constitute any renewal fee. III It is mandatory that all on-air Volunteers serve at least two phone shifts during the annual Fund Drive (excluding their own show(s». Failure to comply will result in show suspension(s) as deemed appropriate by the Programming Director. These shifts do not constitute one of the two scheduled fund raising activities mentioned in Part I above. IV Failure to participate in fund raising events will result in a suspension of Station privileges. 4: FINANCES 4-001 Role Of Facra In Station Financial Matters Enacted: January 15,1985 I It is a FACRA policy that all major budgetary changes, in particular any changes in respect to salaries, be approved by the FACRA Board of Directors. II No budgetary decisions shall be made during in camera meetings. 4-002 Fund Raising Responsibilities Enacted: June 9, 1986 Revised: September 29, 2002 I All fund raising activities shall be managed by the F ACRA Board of Directors or its designate. 4-003 Advertising Policy Enacted: April 7,1993 I CJSR will not accept advertising from individuals, organizations, companies or other bodies who glorify or otherwise give credence to events, products, performances or other commodities which perpetuate: * Racial, sexual or other stereotypes * Misogyny in general and gender privilege in particular * Race or class privilege * Ecological or environmental exploitation or destruction * Ageism * Homophobia * Militarism or para-militarism * Involvement in a recognized labour dispute II CJSR will not accept for broadcast any commercial or part thereof that is receiving or has received airplay on any other broadcast outlet (radio or television), unless the commercial is produced by CJSR. III While it is expected that every effort will be made to sell and promote CJSR, when all is said and done the Sales Manager will not compromise the integrity of the Station by accepting pre-produced ads or parts thereof that totally fail to recognize the unique entity and marketing niche that is CJSR. If a customer flatly refuses to use anything other than their pre-packaged advertisement, the Station will not accept the product and the customer will be informed of the reasons for such a decision. 4-004 Signing Of Contra Agreements Enacted: October 22,1992 I No CJSR Employee or Volunteer shall enter into financial or contra agreement(s) on behalf of CJSR without written consent of the FACRA Board of Directors. The exception to this policy is that the Administrative and Sales Managers may enter into such agreements for advertising. 4-005 Conflict Of Interest Enacted: January 27, 1986 Amended: December 3,1986 Amended: February 26, 1991 The Conflict of Interest policy is designed to allow any member of CJSR's Executive to earn extra income while also benefiting CJSR. I Staff members may be subject to disciplinary measures and/or dismissal if they make use of Station facilities unless: 1. a formal written agreement exists between the Staff member and an Executive, or in the instance of an Executive, with the Board of Directors, AND 2. the formal written agreement yields tangible benefits to CJSR AND 3. the formal written agreement does not interfere with the principal responsibilities of the Staff member. II Disciplinary measures or dismissal may be applied to Staff members if they make comments on air which may be interpreted as a promotion for, or an endorsement of, any person or organization which would personally benefit the Staff member using the assets. III Station Staff are responsible for recognizing possible areas of conflict of interest, and are also responsible for requesting prior approval from the appropriate Executive before they mention (plug) organizations other than CJSR. IV If any Staff member has information about an “alternative” gig that CJSR may be interested in supporting, the onus is on the Staff member to inform the appropriate Station Executive so that a public service announcement can be created for on-air. 5: ON-AIR 5-001 Program Length Enacted: October 22,1992 I Between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight all programs will have a maximum two hour time limit. II This policy will not apply on dates that the Programming Manager deems special programming days, such as Christmas Day and New Years Day. 5-002 On-Air Comments Enacted: May 20,1986 Revised: September 29, 2002 I Comments made on-air-' in any sense, positive or negative - regarding the following internal affairs of CJSR, are prohibited: 1. Matters before the FACRA Board of Directors 2. Matters before the Executive (Staff) 3. Matters which involve and therefore would disclose internal financial information 4. Personal relationships or conflicts among Station staff 6: LIBRARY 6-001 New Wax Policy Enacted: April 25, 1986 I All recordings received by CJSR shall be processed within five working days. Processing entails cataloguing and filing the recording in the appropriate area, whether that be the New Wax section or the regular library. 6-002 Duplicate Music Policy Enacted: January 27, 1993 I All duplicate copies of music received by CJSR shall be used at the discretion of the Programming Manager and Music Director for the following purposes: 1. Replacing missing play copies. 2. In-house record sales, dependent on availability of material for sale. 3. Giveaways for Volunteer appreciation. 4. Under special circumstances, material will be traded in at local music stores in order to acquire material that the Station immediately requires (e.g. an artist coming to town that CJSR wishes to promote) or cannot receive through regular servicing avenues. II Singles and other promotional material that CJSR does not typically use in day to day programming shall be given away on a first come, first served basis. III Under special circumstances where CJSR purchases material rather than obtaining it through traditional servicing, funds will be obtained from in-house record sales or trading-in of duplicates. Decisions regarding what material shall be purchased will be made by the Programming Manager and Music Director, with input from individual on-air Volunteers and special interest groups. Priorities for purchasing music will be as follows: 1. Replacement of local independent music which has gone missing from the library. 2. Acquisition of music by artists who will be performing in town that CJSR wishes to promote. 3. Purchase of music on record labels that are either unsure of starting service, or are unable to service CJSR. 4. Replacement of popular items which have gone missing from the library. 7: GENERAL CONDUCT 7-001 Rules Of Conduct Enacted: September 25,1985 Revised: October 5, 2002 The Rules of Conduct apply to the premises of CJSR, and shall be enforced by Station Executive in accordance with the Standardized Disciplinary Recommendations. I There is to be no smoking, eating or drinking in any of the CJSR on-air or production studios. II Physical aggression or violence directed by any Staff member toward another will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal of the contravening Staff member. III Any verbal abuse directed at any staff member is also discouraged. IV No person shall bring into or use within the Station any alcohol or illegal drug. V No person shall be in the Station while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. VI Any Staff member who intentionally or through negligence damages, or attempts to damage any equipment, material or property of CJSR shall be subject to suspension or dismissal at the discretion of the Station Executive. Further, any Staff member who intentionally or through negligence damages, or attempts to damage any equipment, material or property of CJSR shall be subject to legal prosecution. In the case of damage the Staff member will be required to bear any and all costs of repair or replacement of the damaged equipment. VII Any person borrowing and/or using Station facilities and/or resources without proper authorization, or stealing any Station equipment, material or property shall be subject to immediate dismissal and/or legal prosecution. 7-002 Inappropriate Use Of CJSR Name Enacted: December 3,1986 Revised: September 29, 2002 I No person shall use CJSR's name to gain free entrance, get free tickets or promotions, or procure other such benefits without·the approval of the appropriate Station Executive. 7-003 Telephone Answering Enacted: December 3,1986 I All Staff on premises outside of regular business hours are responsible for answering business phone lines and are to take a message or request the caller to call back during office hours (0900 - 1700 MST). II DJs are responsible for answering the request line(s). 8: PROBLEM RESOLUTION 8-001 Violations Of Promise Of Performance Enacted: January 26,1987 I Whereas major violations (as defined by the CRTC) of the Promise of Performance (POP) are illegal, be it resolved that any Staff member found willfully violating the contents of the POP may be subject to dismissal and/or legal action. 8-002 Station Policy In Relation To Other Bodies Revised: October 5, 2002 The existence of the Hands-Off Policy plus a formalized Grievance Procedure allows for the Station Executive to run the Station on a day-to-day, decision-by-decision basis without the need to consult the FACRA Board of Directors. Provided that the Executive abide by Station policy and perform adequately within job description, current policy dictates that the Board shall not intervene in the workings of the Station. However, the Board of Directors, as the final governing body of CJSR, is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the Station is run in a responsible manner in accordance with the POP and Station policy. Thus, the Station Executive must keep the Board informed of activities within the workings of the Station. A well-informed Board of Directors is essential for the constructive evaluation of Station and Executive performance and for the hiring of new Executive. In the event that the FACRA Board of Directors perceives a serious flaw in Executive or Station performance, the Board has the authority to intervene, evoke policy change and/or fire the Executive. However, any such action must have a clear purpose and must abide by the POP and Station policy. If an Employee or Volunteer has a grievance with the actions of the FACRA Board of Directors, then she must follow the Grievance Procedure. In accordance with the FACRA Bylaws, the FACRA Board of Directors can be asked to review the situation and vote upon: 1. Dismissal or retention of the four members-at-large 2. Directing the Students' Union, University of Alberta to call a meeting(s), review the situation, and decide upon the dismissal or retention of FACRA Directors. All dismissal procedures must follow the bylaws of the Students' Union, University of Alberta. In the event of a dismissal, the Students' Union must elect a qualified person in place of a removed Director for the duration of the term. 8-003 Harassment Policy Enacted: August 4, 1993 FACRA, as the governing body of CJSR-FM, is committed to providing an atmosphere in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. This policy prohibiting harassment ensures that each individual has the right to participate in all Station activities in an environment which promotes equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices. I Definition A. General 1. This policy applies to all Employees and Volunteers at CJSR. FACRA encourages the reporting of all incidents of harassment, regardless of who the offender may be. 2. The Harassment Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the FACRA Board of Directors. 3. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process to the extent practicable and appropriate under the circumstances. 4. Individuals found guilty of harassment shall be disciplined. The nature of the discipline will depend on the nature, severity and persistence. 5. For the purpose of this policy, “harassment” means harassment by any Staff member or Volunteer, under the general Station aegis. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment at the Station, at Station-related events and functions outside of the physical confines of the Station complex, in the course of work assignments at business conferences or training sessions, during any Station-related travel, or via telephone or computer. B. Harassment 1. FACRA does not condone harassment and seeks to prevent harassment of all members of the Station community. 2. Harassment is defined as the abusive, unfair or demeaning treatment of a person or group of persons that has the effect or purpose of unreasonably interfering with a person's or group's status or performance, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment when: a. such treatment abuses the power that one person holds ov

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