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Marco Beltrami - A Good Day To Die Hard - It's Hard To Kill A McClane

0 minutes ago.

James Newton Howard - The Huntsman: Winter's War - We Are Worthy of Each Other

2 minutes ago.

Henry Jackman - The Birth Of A Nation - The Life of Nat Turner

5 minutes ago.

John Powell - How to Train Your Dragon Stoick Saves Hiccup

6 minutes ago.

Brian Tyler - Iron Man New Beginnings

11 minutes ago.

Andrew Lockington - The Space Between Us - Ocean

16 minutes ago.

Ennio Morricone - The Mission - On Earth As It Is In Heaven

19 minutes ago.

Rachel Portman - A Pyromaniac's Love Story - End Titles (From "Great Moments In Aviation")

23 minutes ago.

Sophie Courtois - ID PSA - CINEMIX

24 minutes ago.

Advert: - Jock Of The Bushveld

25 minutes ago.