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by Gabriel Dias

Hardcore Radio


Hardbouncer & Aggressive - This is for the underground headz

4 minutes ago.

A-Kriv & Out of mind - Bang with the gang

9 minutes ago.

Onesimk & Fr@k - Body In Tha Sewer

14 minutes ago.

A-Kriv & Lenny Dee feat Toomz - Rage The Anthem

19 minutes ago.

Madhouse Brothers vs Dj Mutante - Kool Dj Remix

24 minutes ago.

Vextor - Thug Life

29 minutes ago.

Outblast ft DJ D - Electro Shocking

34 minutes ago.

System Overload vs The Demon Dwarf feat. Mc Dynamics - The Core Connection Anthem

39 minutes ago.

Fucked Up

by Lady Bex

44 minutes ago.