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To sustain our commitment to independent radio, WFMU's primary source of support comes from listener contributions made during our annual on-air fundraising marathon and revenue generated from our annual Record Fair. WFMU does not accept underwriting or corporate sponsorships. We receive some support from foundations and government grants, as long ... See more as they do not contain conditions that determine our programming content or restrict our independence. WFMU is not a member of any public radio networks nor are we affiliated with any colleges or institutions. Shortly before the closing of Upsala College on May 31, 1995, WFMU purchased the broadcasting license from them and is now fully independent. At the cost of accepting the burden of ghastly new expenses, WFMU's autonomy opened great new opportunities for high media subversion. WFMU's license is now owned by Auricle Communications, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group managed by current and former WFMU staff members and listeners.