Rainbow FM - FM 90.7 - Johannesburg


1. The new constitution for the Republic of South Africa which came into effect on 1 February 1997 provides in the Bill of Rights therein incorporated for inter alia 1.1 Freedom of religion, believe and opinion; 1.2 Freedom of expression through the media; 1.3 Freedom of association; 2. Roodepoort Community ... See more ty Radio was established as a voluntary association functioning as a department of Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF), under the constitution originally prepared by AEF in 1994 and amended by the Roodepoort Christian Community Radio Board during 1996. The last amendment was at the Members meeting. The Sixth Annual General Meeting of Rainbow Christian Community Radio on the 23 March 2002. 3. The aim and purpose of the association was to serve the Christian Community of Roodepoort and adjacent areas by providing information, inspiration, education, and entertainment and to encourage community togetherness through co-operation in accordance with Section 2(a), (b) and (c) of the Independent Broadcasting Authority IBA (ICASA) Act,1993 (hereinafter referred to as “the Act, which the members believe include sharing the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ. 4. Roodepoort Community Radio was issued a temporary broadcasting and signal distribution license by the IBA to operate a community radio station in January 1996, which has been succeeded by five more temporary licenses valid until 31 February 2003 5. RCR severed all constitutional ties with AEF and it is the desire of the present board of inbow Community Radio to have a true community radio station with a new constitution that will better serve the communities of Roodepoort and surrounds.