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by Gabriel Dias


181.FM - 80's HairBand's


Last played: Ratt - Round And Round

80s Classic Rock Metal Rock

Waynesboro, VA, United States

93.1 JACK fm - KCBS-FM

FM 93.1

Hits Pop RnB Rock

Los Angeles, CA, United States

94.5 Kool FM - KOOL-FM

FM 94.5

Last played: Billy Joel - Big Shot

80s Classics Hits Oldies

Phoenix, AZ, United States

98.5 WNCX - WCNX

FM 98.5

Last played: Paul Rodgers - Feel Like Makin' Love

Classic Rock Hard Rock Metal Rock

Cleveland, OH, United States


FM 107.3

Last played: Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

Westborough, MA, United States

WCBS-FM 101.1

FM 101.1

Last played: Brooklyn Dreams, Donna Summer - Heaven Knows

Classic Rock Classics Hits Oldies

New York City, NY, United States