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by Gabriel Dias


181.FM - 80's HairBand's


Last played: Van Halen - Panama

80s Classic Rock Metal Rock

Waynesboro, VA, United States

Absolute Radio - Absolute Classic Rock


Last played: STOP ADBREAK 1

Classic Rock Hard Rock Metal

London, United Kingdom

80s Classic Rock

United States

Aspen 102.3

FM 102.3

Classic Rock Classics Hits Pop

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beatles Radio


Last played: The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

60s 70s Rock Tribute

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Big R Radio - 80s Metal FM


Last played: Def Leppard - Photograph

80s Metal Rock

Mill Creek, WA, United States

FM 949

FM 94.9

Last played: X - The New World

Alternative Metal Rock

San Diego, CA, United States


FM 90.7

Community Entertainment News

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Heart Oxfordshire

FM 102.6

Adult Contemporary Pop Rock Top 40

Reading, United Kingdom

Mega 98.3

FM 98.3

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Planet Rock

FM 105.2

Classic Rock

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Pure Rock Radio


Last played: Doro - Tie Me Up (Hard & Fast Mix)

Metal Progressive Rock

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Rock & Pop 95.9 FM

FM 95.9

Latin Pop Rock Top 40

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Beach 96.5 - KLTG

FM 96.5

Adult Contemporary Hits Pop Top 40

Corpus Christi, TX, United States