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KZRO 100.1FM-Mount Shasta, California, USA Z-Channel Radio, the best Daytime Classics and Classic Rock Mix on Radio or the Web Locally owned and operated Classic ... See more Rock Radio.. the way radio was meant to be.. Now Available: www.zchannelradio.mobi The Z-Channel mini website on your cellphone... try it! LAST UPDATE: February 4, 2011 12:00AM Pacific Welcome to The Z-Channel - KZRO-FM - Z100FM, broadcasting live 24/7 on 100.1FM to 24,000 square miles of Northern California and live on the web from downtown Mount Shasta, CA USA.... If you missed our local shows today, you can listen to the comedy bits, goofy stories, special music and comedy tracks plus listener emails on our Daily Replay stream below..... [And unlike many radio station websites, we don't try and sell you anything here.] ----- THE MUSIC: ---- The Z-Channel features two great weekday formats, Daytime WORKDAY CLASSICS from 6AM/6PM, and CLASSIC ROCK from 6PM/6AM with only two commercial breaks per hour. Then on SATURDAY and SUNDAY, we offer 25 hours of great syndicated programs, more than any radio station on planet earth. -----WEEKDAY PROGRAMMING----- DAYTIME: --- Start out your day with THE DENNIS MICHAELS DOG AND PONY SHOW from 6AM/10AM Monday through Friday. You’ll catch our great tunes mixed in with listener email and requests, goofy stories from around the world, special features and CNN RADIO NEWS updates every hour. ----- NIGHTTIME: ----- Then it’s time to crank out the rock and roll on the TWELVE HOUR CLASSIC ROCK BLOCK 6PM/6AM. DM jumps back in from 6PM/8PM with more Listener Emails [6PM] and Requests, goofy stories and more. ----- WEEKDAY FEATURES ----- CNN 5 Minute News Reports air at 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM and 5PM. One minute Updates air 24/7 at the bottom of the hour with local weather forecasts and conditions with Tom Churchill in the Z-WEATHER CENTER. ----- DMD+PS MORNING SHOW SCHEDULE ----- [6AM] DMD+PS Sign On, First Goofy Story --- [630AM] Public Service --- [7AM] Dick Clark’s Music Calendar --- [730AM] Prime Comedy Cut --- [8AM] Daily Featured Listener Email --- [830AM] Various --- [9AM] Goofy Stories or Lost Tracks --- [930AM] Stupid News (from the Stupid News Writers in Honolulu, HI) --- [10AM] DMD+PS Sign Off ----- OTHER DAYTIME FEATURES ----- [1030AM] Tech Tips 101 --- [1130AM] Health Watch --- [3PM] Dick Clark’s Music Calendar --- [4PM] House of Blues Break with Elwood Blues --- [5PM] Friday Westwood One Concert. ----- WEEKEND PROGRAMS ----- SATURDAY ----- [6AM] The Car Show --- [7AM] Dick Clark Presents Rewind With Gary Bryan --- [11AM] The Beatle Years with Bob Malik --- [12PM] House of Blues Radio Hour with Elwood Blues --- [1PM] American Hit List with Machine Gun Kelly --- [4PM] The Classics with Steve Downes --- [6PM] Dick Clark Presents Rewind With Gary Bryan --- [10PM] House of Blues Radio Hour --- [11PM] The Beatle Years. ----- SUNDAY----- [6AM] Hot Rod Radio USA with Wings Kalahan --- [8AM] Goddard’s Gold with Steve Goddard --- [11AM] Off The Record with Uncle Joe Benson --- [12PM] Get The Lead Out with Carol Miller --- [1PM] Little Steven’s Underground Garage with Little Steven Van Zandt --- [3PM] The Psychedelic Hour with Carl Geisler --- [4PM] Blues Deluxe with Dave Johnson --- [5PM] Hot Rod Radio --- [7PM] Off The Record --- [8PM] Get The Lead Out --- [9PM] Little Steven's Undergound Garage --- [11PM] The Psychedelic Hour -------- We hope you enjoy the music and programs we offer here on The Z-Channel. Cruise our website below for tons of info about our station including schedules, today's playlist, pictures, local weather info, lots of interesting links, games, free stuff and more. While you’re here, send us an email and let us know who and where you are. We’ll email you back and let you know when you can hear it on the air. And thanks for listening to Northern California’s Home of the Classics.............. and don't forget to tell your friends...... Click here for the big picture of Mount Shasta. We're located down in the lower left corner. FRIDAY Listener Emails: Tom B./??, Southern California and Brandon At The Den/Mt. Shasta, California-8AM+6PM HEAR The Entire 25 Hour Z-Weekend Schedule/FRIDAY/730AM Redneck Comedy From Tim Wilson 'Uncle B.S./FRIDAY/9AM DM tune from LA Band THANX 'Just A Little More'/FRIDAY/ 7PM SNL '76 LP Clip 'Weekend Update w/Chevy Chase' (On Replay) WW1 Friday Superstar Concert with AC/DC-5PM Dick Clark's Rock, Roll And Remember-Martha +/Vandellas The Beatle Years: The Quest For U.S. Acceptance House of Blues Radio Hours: Buddy Guy's New LP The American Hit List w/Machine Gun Kelly The Classics: Canada Rocks The Radio Hot Rod Radio USA/Wings Kalahan Goddard's Gold: The Greatest Hits Of 1964-1969 Off the Record Interview w/Creedence Clearwater Revival Get The Lead Out: Interview With Jason Bonham Little Steven's Underground Garage: The Big Bang '11 The Psychedelic Hour: Love, Clear Light And Woodstock Blues Deluxe w/Dave Johnson: Blues+Gregg Allman CD Giveaway The CAR Show w/Roger Kwapich, Dan Pietras+Steve Stewart Check for exact showtimes in the Z-Program Grid Hey Buba.. take a minute and shoot us an email. We'll let you know when you can hear it on the radio. Click here, HEAR YOUR EMAIL on the radio/web at 8AM+6PM It's true. We pick an email and read it every day at 8A+6P.5 If you missed our daily live programming, hear some of the stories, jokes and listener emails that you missed. Updated daily. Z-PODCAST+REPLAY From: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2011 Note: These scoped daily tracks are a sample of DM's Daytime and Nighttime shows.. format goes from Beatles to Zep as ya listen.. miss your email shoutout? You can hear the replay right here, plus Stories, Stupid News, Daily Emails etc.. New Daily Replays updated weekdays at 7:30pm pacific (or so). Note: This is an instant STREAM, download not required. Left Click to PLAY, Right Click to DOWNLOAD FILE. CHECK REAL TIME RADAR ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. Cool 360 Degree Video That You Can Control.. Try it. Snow pic from Studio A cranking out the Classic Rock.. Z-Channel Radio, the best Daytime Classics and Classic Rock Mix on Radio or the Web We're here for the music, not the money Hey bubba.. say you're Sick of crappy music rotations? You won't find cookie cutter music programming here. Over 5,000 songs in our daily music rotation. Only two commercial breaks per hour for l-o-n-g blocks of music and no repeats. The finest classic weekend lineup anywhere. All broadcast to over 24,000 sq.mi. locally on 100.1 FM and webcast worldwide in Windows Media and MPEG4 stereo right to your computer. Email us, we'd love to hear from you! To begin listening, click on the listen free button above. For pictures, listening tips and info on our feed, click here. And thanks for listening to KZRO-100.1 FM RADIO Northern California's Home of the Classics Weekdays: Classic Hits 6AM-6PM/Classic Rock 6PM-6AM Mouse over Z-City NeoCounter to right to reveal country map>>> Looking for your favorite features or shows? Check the Z-Channel 24 Hour Grid. Shasta Cam Road Cam... more of these to the left.Mt.Shasta Ski Park Lodge Webcam, Mount Shasta, CA USA WHAT IF OLD TIME JESUS PEOPLE HAD THE WEB? A look at if the Old Time Jesus People had the internet.. Hey Bubba. You a US Citizen? Know what your constitutional rights are when the cops pull you over? Click here to find out. Like that? Then try out this one with a Hip Hop focus group flair.. CLICK FOR A HOLIDAY GREEING FROM THE Z-FAMILY Current Satellite Picture Link to Satellite Data Radar-Satellite Loops and much more local Weather info on the Z-Weather Page. -- click view on your browser to see original image -- Z-Channel Radio, the best Daytime Classics and Classic Rock Mix on Radio or the Web Q: What is Z100fm and why does it sound so good? A1: A station owned/programmed/operated by a musician with attention to detail in audio quality and selection of the best classic music mix ever, all digital.. only two commercial breaks per hour 24/7 weekdays plus 25 hours of great weekend programming with CNN RADIO NEWS updates every hour. The truth is. big conglom radio doesn't care about music and until we sell this station you won't hear their repetitive weak, safe, highly tested maximum profit making format here. A2: Listen in and see why. Blizzard knocks our signal off the air. Click for story & pix. Every hour day and night plus CNN-TV during breaking news. WHY ADVERTISING ON Z100FM IS GOOD FOR BIZ Part of our Z-Sales Kit.. click for the pdf version.. We've assembled lots of Z-Promotional items for you to proudly display that you listen to the best music on the planet.. and all proceeds go to our internet streaming costs..check it out! Go Z-ShoppingGo Z-Shopping Go Z-ShoppingGo Z-Shopping Miss DM's Interview With Firesign Theater's Peter Bergman? Click here for the FREE STREAM to listen. --Z100FM available on 100.1FM, Windows Media Tuner and Shoutcast-- Z-CHANNEL BACK ON THE AIR AFTER STORM KNOCKS US OFF CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY AND TO VIEW ARCHIVE PIX Crooks And LiarsCrooks And Liars Video Cafe Today's stories and news videos you probably missed.. View from the KZRO-FM Transmission Tower at Broadcast Ridge, Mount Shasta Check out Z-Website Pages dating back to 1999 Songfacts has lots of info about your favorite tunes, including meaning, lyrics and trivia. more info i Slower 5 Faster |< < Stop > >| Cheney 06 / 2004 Two days ahead of schedule, the world witnessed the arrival of a free and sovereign Iraq. We've reached another great turning point. i Fact: ''Ahead'' and secret — afraid of insurgents. Z-Channel Radio, the best Daytime Classics and Classic Rock Mix on Radio or the Web -------------- PRIORITY FEED AVAILABLE NOW ----------------- Listen via our members only Z-Priority Feed Click here to access the Dennis Michaels original music page.. Listen NOW on our FREE aacPlus Stream. Listen to Z100fm via our free stream.. SERVER FULL DURING PEAK HOURS? The Z-Priority Feed will bypass the traffic for about a burger a month. If you're a regular listener day or night, do your part by helping to cover costs and keep us streaming. Plus you'll get access to a bunch of DM original solo music not available to non-Z Members.. Click here to go to the Z-Subscriber Page. Check out our subscription page to bypass the free server. <<<ATTENTION>>> ALL Z-ONLINE LISTENERS Our new aacPlusMP4 format is THE HOTTEST stream technology that blows the socks off WMA/MP3/Real and will work with dialup or high speed. If you don't have the right player, you're not getting the cleanest Z-feed available. Email us for help or comments GET MORE INFO ON OUR STREAMING PAGE Subscribers: Use Our New Server Link For WMA..Click Here KZRO GRANTED NEW C1-CP COVERING REDDING METRO MARKET Get Info/Maps On Northern California Fires Here Check out video of CALIFORNIA FIRES FROM SPACE.. So how's it looking for the power mongers? Check out the latest polls here. Little Steven's Underground Garage Listen to Little Steven's show, or he'll come an whack ya.. Sunday 1PM and 8pm pacific Mount Shasta Cams from the home of Z100fm Weed Elementary School, Weed, CA USA Weed Elementary School Webcam, Weed, CA USA Shasta Cam Road Cam... more of these to the left. Check out the Snowcrest Daily Mt. Shasta Cam Movie Z-Storm 2010-Studio+Tower Trips to Get Us Back On Air This storm kicked our butt. Check out the pix in the Z-Photo Gallery Click here for news on the Z-News Page. Click here for hard news on the Z-News Page.. plus check out the real time US National Debt Clock. Oh yeah, we got da blues Elwood Blues Check out Elwood's House of Blues Radio Hour Saturday@12+10PM, and his daily Blues Breaker weekdays at 4PM. Z-Channel Radio, the best Daytime Classics and Classic Rock Mix on Radio or the Web Reset bookmarks to www.zchannelradio.com Z-Channel Radio, the best Daytime Classics and Classic Rock Mix on Radio or the Web UFO's in Mt.Shasta? Lot's of UFO's around Mount Shasta. UFO Hot Spot? Do they listen to Z100fm? Google it here. Legend has it that there's a race of beings living deep within our mountain.. plus it's a UFO hot spot. Google it Lots of behind the scenes info about the Z's favorite cartoon heroes, Rocky and Bullwinkle. --We're your station with Dick-- Dick Clark Dick Clark's Rock, Roll and Remember Saturdays 7-11am and 6-10pm DC's Daily Music Calendar Weekdays at 7am and 3pm This site has a lot of information about the music we play on the Z-Channel.. Every weekday morning (6-10AM) and evening (6-730PM), we read our listener emails on the air. Just click the button and tell us who and where you are! NOTE!! When sending us Email, to make sure you're not caught by our spam filter, please include KZRO or Z100FM in subject line.. Tons of cool info about the people and places of movies.. Can't remember how that old TV theme went? Your favorite Cartoon Themes? Hear it here.. This site has free mp3's of your favorite TV Theme Songs and Cartoon Theme Songs. Click for Mount Shasta, California Forecast ** Mouseover images on this page for more information ** Stream Original DMichaels Music Free Here you can sample some of my tunes.. available for both Z-Priority Feed members and FREE listeners @32/130k.. Heard on hundreds of non-commercial radio and TV stations, click here to stream down todays TV or radio broadcast. Heard on hundreds of non-commercial TV/Radio stations.. daily broadcast covers stories not heard on mainstream news. Dedicated to our guys and girls that have died in this war.. Here's the DOD list of Iraqi war casualties state by state Z-CHANNEL DOMAIN NAMES www.thezchannel.com www.zchannelradio.com www.zchannelradio.net www.zchannelradio.org www.zchannelradio.mobi www.z100fm.net www.kzro.com See closeups of your favorite movie posters here.. Cool site where you could sit around for hours and search for your favorite original movie posters.. Check out our great Saturday Classic Rock lineup.. The Car Show, Dick Clark Presents Rewind With Gary Bryan, The Beatle Years w/Bob Malik, House of Blues w/Elwood Blues, American Hit List w/Machine Gun Kelly, and The Classics w/Steve Downes.. check Saturday schedule for showtimes.. Check out our great Sunday Classic Rock lineup.. Contact, Hot Rod Radio w/Wings Kalahan, Goddard's Gold w/Steve Goddard, Get The Lead Out w/Carol Miller, Off the Record w/Uncle Joe Benson, Little Steven's Underground Garage w/Little Steven, The Psychedelic Hour w/Carl Geisler and Blues Deluxe with Dave Johnson.. check Sunday schedule for showtimes.. To Listen to Z100fm Live: 1. Click on "LISTEN LIVE" buttons above. 2. If you need a FREE Winamp or Windows Media player, download from the buttons below. Get free Winamp player here..i Get Free Windows Media Player Here.. 3. Start listening and enjoy. Windows Media Player Now Available for Macs!! AacMPEG4 feed streaming in Parametric Stereo... Click here for help and info on our live feed Check out our great Classic Rock concerts from Westwood One, Fridays on the Z-Channel.. Webmasters: Check out our banner page and put LIVE Z-Audio on your site!!! Our audio player will pop up right over your page keeping them on your site while listening, or direct the banner to the Z-Website. Directions included.. CONTACT INFO: EMAIL THE Z-CHANNEL KZRO 100.1 FM RADIO PO Box 1234 Mt. Shasta, California, USA 96067 Voice: 530 926 1332 Fax: 530 926 0737 KZRO LICENSE RENEWAL INFORMATION Z-Channel Radio, the best Daytime Classics and Classic Rock Mix on Radio or the Web © Big Tree Communications 2011 ----- Hosts: Steve Goddard, Steve Downes, Jennifer Ashton, Roger Kwapich, Dan Pietras, Steve Stewart, Dave Johnson, Bob Thomas, Joel Wellington, Muriel Powers, Bobby Russell, Don Wagner, Bob Brown, Dan Elliott, Carol Miller, Carl Geisler, Little Steven Van Zandt

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Dunsmuir - California, United States - English

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113 East Alma StreetMt. Shasta CA, 96067


House of Blues Radio Hour CNN News Rock, Roll & Remember with Dick Clark Goddard's Gold The Beatle Years See all shows... The Classics CBS Healthwatch The C.A.R. Show Blues Deluxe Ski Reports Tech Tips 101 American Hit List Off The Record Hot Rod Radio CNN Sports Classic Rock Get The Lead Out Get Your Butt out of Bed Show Sign off Stories, Lost Tracks Stupid News The Psychedelic Hour Under Ground Garage

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