CJAD - AM 800 - Montreal, QC


Enjoy Holder Tonight, Home Improvement, as well as broadcasts like Andrew Carter Show, and many more.

Business Information News Talk 526 tune ins AM 800 - 48Kbps

Montreal - Quebec, Canada - English

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Main Switchboard: (514) 989-CJAD (2523) Studio Line: (514) 790-0991 Long Distance Line: 1-800-491-CJAD (2523) Cellular Talk Show Line: *8255 [*TALK] Newsroom Line: (514) 989-3838 Traffic Department Line: *800

CJAD Address: 1411 du Fort 3rd Floor Montreal, Quebec H3H 2R1

To send a community announcement cjadcares@cjad.com To send an email to an information officer infodesk@cjad.com To send a birthday/ celebration announcement celebrations@cjad.com Questions or comments about programming cbury@radio.astral.com (Chris