CTVA-Channel 23

CTVA-Channel 23, KDEO-LP is a low-power digital television station in Denver, Colorado broadcasting on channel 23 to Aurora, Colorado. CTVA was founded in 1991 by ... See more Jean VandeSande when he became the successful lottery holder of an FCC license for UHF Channel 69 in 1990. Since Channel 69 was dangerously close to the police, fire and sheriff frequencies in the Denver area, the FCC assigned Channel 38 to the Van deSandes, and it the intervening years it has continues its committment to illuminating souls with the light and truth of Jesus Christ through mass communications, especially the medium of Television through channels 16, 33 and now using the digital channel 23 to to offer 840 hours of low-cost airtime to local churches across Colorado. On Channel 23.1, CTVA broadcasts their original format of Catholice programmiing from the EWTN Eternal Word Television Network, an organization dedicated to the Roman Catholic Church. On Channel 23.2 is Guadalupano/MonteMaria, a Latino Catholic television organization which offers daily masses, talk shows, children programs and old Catholic movies. As an alternate, Channel 23.3 offers TorahTV from Simchat Torah Beit Midrash, an organization facilitating inter-faith discussions between various groups, cultures, and denominations worldwide. For the local Hispanic community, CTVA offers Channel 23.4 VidaVision and Channel 23.5 Fuente de Vida Ministerios. On Channel 23.6 is LegacyTV, a nation-wide television network designed to educate viewers “to better comprehend and appreciate their rich Judeo-Christian legacy and to apply such principles to their daily lives.” In addition to their broadcasting line-up, CTVA provides a few hours to commercial broadcast for German News and Musical Greetings from Germany.

13 tune ins KDEO-LD Digital Channel: 50 Virtual Channel: 23

Denver - Colorado, United States

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