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KWYT-LP is a low-power television station in Yakima, Washington, broadcasting on local digital UHF channel 39. Founded in 1989, it is owned by Ron and Maria I. Villalobos-Bevins. It is an independent station, serving Yakima and the Central Washington area with quality Spanish language television since May 1990. KWYT's channel ... See more is multiplexed, with four subchannels. 39.1 airs Azteca America, with programming from Mexican broadcaster TV Azteca; 39.2 broadcasts Mexicanal, for Mexicans living and working in the United States, Canada and Mexico; 39.3 airs Hispanavision, the local Spanish-language independent station, originating from KWYT, and 39.4 shows Vmas, a Spanish language station aimed at Mexican immigrants to the United States with sports, news and entertainment.


They broadcast 9 television networks, six of which broadcast in Spanish: estrerllaTV, Azteca America, LATV, Nuestra Vision, Almavision,


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