MediBiz TV

MEDI BIZ TV is a 24 hour free to air satellite TV channel dedicated to serve and spread the message healthy living among globally. At, ... See more , MEDI BIZ TV we try to focus on health literacy to help the governments and other health agencies such as WHO, UNESCO to implement their policies and make their eddfforts fruitful. MEDI BIZ TV hopes to become a core source of information and entertainment which can be savored and enjoyed by individuals from all age groups alike. This International TV channel, not only share primary health education to global public but also would teach them the importance of test, treat and track. Medi BizTV is an international project on a grand scale to integrate the world medical scenario. At the moment, the world medical industry is highly fragmented with no unifying force to bring together the various elements. We bring together all the major players in the industry, promising great benefits to billions of people around the world. The programs are planned to touch upon all aspects of health, Motivational and spiritual aspects of life, lifestyle diseases, healthy eating habits, Fitness, Baby Care, Yoga, Medical Wonders and Medical News in an entertaining way. Medi BizTV aim to reach out to the viewers with contents encompassing all aspects of healthy living. Medi BizTV is committed to the overall development of the health care industry and therefore we are honouring outstanding personalities and organizations who have made significant contributions to the health care sector. The channel is live via its 24/7 online arm, WEB TV from 19th October 2013 while its full fledged satellite TV would be launched in December 2013 on APSTAR – 7 and would cover Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Medi BizTV is being launched by well being, Marine BizTV, the world’s first global maritime TV channel in association with Aries Marine, the largest Ship design consultancy firm and BizTV Network, producers of two Oscar selected movies DAM999 and Saint Dracula 3D.